Can I build a salon in my garden?

In this article, we’ll answer all of your burning questions about building a salon in your garden, and why it could just be the best business move you’ll ever make.

Over the last few years, how we (and the world) work has changed dramatically. We’ve seen organisations transition from the traditional office setup to introduce more flexible remote working options, and more people than ever before are setting up their own ventures from the comfort of their own homes.

Garden offices have soared in popularity for this very reason, but the ability to work from home isn’t limited to the 9-5 desk-based worker. Here at Pegasus, we’ve constructed hundreds of different garden rooms all serving different purposes and more often than not, catering to our clients ‘work-from-home’ needs, such as with garden salon rooms.

We’ve worked with a number of clients who have decided to set up a beauty business in their back gardens, and are currently reaping the benefits of doing so!

So, can you build a salon in your garden?

Yes, almost anyone can build a salon room in their garden. Whether you’re an established beautician, therapist, nail technician or hairdresser who has decided to fly solo, or you’re just starting out and need the ideal location to start building a client base, a garden salon is the perfect option.

Many people have chosen to build hair salons, beauty therapy rooms and make-up studios in their back gardens – so there’s no reason why you can’t, too.

garden salon room

Do I need planning permission for a garden salon room?

For the most part, building a garden room doesn’t require planning permission. However, these rules are a little different when it comes to outbuildings for professional use:

Garden rooms for personal use

In general, if your home has permitted development rights then you’re free to build without permission, providing it complies with Building Regulations.

Permitted development rights cover garden rooms which are ‘incidental’ to the main home, meaning it’s a minor addition and isn’t disruptive or used as sleeping accommodation.

Garden rooms for professional use

When it comes to using a garden building as a base for client appointments, that’s where things may change in regard to planning permissions.

With clients coming to and from your home salon, this can have an effect on the neighbourhood and therefore may not be classed as ‘incidental’. In these cases, it’s wise to seek planning permission from your local council.

Fortunately, applying for planning permission is a straightforward process, you can learn more here. Pegasus Garden Rooms have plenty of experience in helping customers overcome any hurdles they may encounter during the process of building their garden room, so we’re here to help.

garden beauty salon

The benefits of building a salon in your garden

We’ve experienced first-hand the increased demand for garden salons and treatment rooms. There are many reasons why people are opting to go down this route as opposed to renting a unit or setting up shop in their home or garage. Below are just a few of the advantages:

They’re cost-effective

The current UK financial climate is tough, and we’re all about saving money here. There’s a reason why many hairdressers and beauticians are choosing to ditch high street or town centre shop locations – they come with huge cost implications.

Renting a shop or a room within a salon can be considerably expensive, whereas building a salon room in your garden requires just one upfront cost. If you’re operating solo, you’ll want to cut costs wherever you can and this is the perfect way to do so.

Providing you have the space in your garden, you’ll stand yourself the chance of getting a far greater return on your investment as opposed to paying out huge lump sums of rent each month.

They offer a private space away from your home

Sure, you can transform a room inside your house into your own salon but inviting clients into your home is very personal and can quickly turn into an invasion of privacy, particularly where it concerns other family members.

With a garden salon, you benefit from a space that’s completely your own – quiet and private, yet separate enough from your main living area to offer the privacy you and your family need. This helps to create a better work-life balance and ensures you can achieve a clear separation between the two.

salon room in garden

You have full control over the design

Building a salon from the ground up is exciting – and when it’s your own garden salon, you can design it exactly the way you want it!

Garden rooms come in many different modern designs to choose from with various sizing options and luxury additions to really make it your own.

Our Canopy design garden room is a personal favourite for home salons, which offers plenty of space to comfortably fit all of your beauty equipment, seating arrangements and storage units. The design features 4 pane bifold doors to allow the natural light to flood in, along with bold LED lighting for when the UK daylight isn’t on your side.

They can be equipped with all modern luxuries

Garden salon rooms are modern and professional, and can be fully kitted out with all of the features you require to operate a successful business.

We offer full electrical packages which can include underfloor heating, spotlights, hard-routed internet and plug sockets, so you can fully customise your garden treatment room with everything you need. With the help of an external plumber, you should also be able to add water to hair washbasins, sinks or anything else you require.

luxurious garden studio

They offer clients a unique pampering experience

There’s something special about operating a business from a stylish and chic garden room, and something that could just give you a competitive edge. All of our garden salon rooms are designed to be a comfortable and relaxing retreat with your personal touch of style and all of the privacy you need.

This is a major unique selling point that draws clients in who prefer to be away from the hustle and bustle of a busy salon. Best of all, you’re more likely to have a free parking space nearby!

Finding someone to build a garden salon room

Any addition to your home is an important investment, particularly when it comes to a space to be used as your business headquarters. With that in mind, it’s important to seek out a reputable company that will get the job done properly.

Pegasus Garden Rooms are one of the leading outbuilding specialists in Manchester, Cheshire, Stockport, Liverpool and Lancashire. We have many years of experience building bespoke, luxurious garden rooms and pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality product designed to our customer’s requirements. Don’t just take our word for it though, why not check out our Google reviews?

Every garden room we create is unique and crafted to the highest standards, as demonstrated in our portfolio. When you’re ready to start building your dream garden room salon, get in touch with us – we’d love to hear from you!