Does a garden office add value to your home?

Garden offices are a great addition to any home, but how much monetary value do they bring?

Garden offices have quickly become one of the most sought-after property additions in recent years, popular with both homeowners and homebuyers.

They’re the perfect solution for those working from home who value separating their work and home life. Garden offices strike the perfect balance between not working in the same room you sleep in, and not having to commute any longer than a two-minute walk to the end of your garden.

Investing in a garden office to relocate your workspace outdoors is a no-brainer. It’s comfortable, convenient and can be designed exactly how you want it to encourage your productivity and creativity. But is it a worthwhile investment in the long term? The simple answer is: yes.

Even if you’re looking to put your home on the market in the next few years, buying a garden office now certainly won’t be wasted money. This type of property investment can add considerable value to your home, and here’s why.

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1. Garden offices appeal to potential buyers

With many businesses ditching the traditional office set-up in favour of reducing outgoings, and employees realising the value that reclaiming the hours lost to commuting adds to their lives, more of us are working from home than ever before.

If we put this into perspective in terms of the housing market, when you look to sell your home there’s a high chance that some of your potential buyers will have home-based jobs. At least, there’s a higher chance now than there would have been years ago, and the percentage of those working from home is only going to increase as time goes on.

Garden offices are incredibly desirable to young professionals and self-employed individuals so having one ready for them to move their PC set up straight into could just help you pip any of their other house viewings to the post.

As opposed to an in-house office in the spare room, a garden office is a particularly exciting concept for remote workers as it offers a clear separation between working and living spaces.

2. They add extra living space to a property

Whilst a garden office building is a separate entity from the house, it’s essentially an additional room. This equates to extra floor space and therefore living space, regardless of whether it’s to be used as an office or not.

It goes without saying that floor space is a valuable commodity of any home, and the more of it you have, the more you stand to gain when it comes to getting a valuation. It makes sense to capitalise on this wherever you can.

Garden offices don’t require the same type of commitment as the likes of extensions or conservatories, but they can provide similar profitability. All you need is the outside space at your disposal, and you can gain yourself an extra room.

Similarly, they don’t even need to be used as an office – a garden room can serve as a home gym, a games room, a man cave or anything you wish. That’s the beauty of them.

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3. They can be used all year round

Contrary to popular belief, garden offices are suitable for working all year round. Unlike the more traditional style summerhouses which are typically left unusable in the winter months, garden rooms bring value to your home 12 months a year.

Garden rooms are insulated to keep you warm in the winter and can offer the perfect shelter from the heat in the summer months. With the electrical packages available at Pegasus Garden Rooms, we can even provide underfloor heating and additional heaters to transform it into a cosy retreat.

A garden room isn’t a gimmick or a fad, it’s a sturdy structure that adds exceptional value and extra functionality to your home, no matter what its intended purpose.

4. It’s a cost-effective home extension without the hassle

Garden offices are better than investing in a full-scale home extension. We said it.

As we’ve just touched on, additional floor space in a home is incredibly desirable for both homeowners and homebuyers. Traditionally, one of the only solutions to this was to extend from the side or rear of the house to create a few additional rooms.

However, a home extension can be a particularly long-drawn-out and expensive process. From requesting planning permission to building the foundations, masonry and roofing, it can take up to four months for an extension to complete. That totals a whole lot of time, money and disruption for your family. Along with that, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get back all of the money you put into an extension when it comes to selling.

For financial and practical reasons, it makes much more sense to opt for a garden room if extra space for an office area is your priority. At a fraction of the price and time it takes to erect an extension, you could have a completely bespoke garden room designed to your requirements with usually no planning permission required.

Naturally, it’s a much more cost-effective solution with a very similar outcome.

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5. The initial investment pays for itself

Not only are garden rooms cheaper than extensions, but there’s a good chance you’ll actually recover that initial investment and then some when you come to sell up.

Estimates have shown that garden rooms can add up to 1.5x their own value to a property, meaning that not only can you effectively get your money back, but you can profit from the outbuilding.

Of course, the most crucial factor here is that the garden room itself is of the highest quality to bring any monetary value in the long run. The value that a garden room will add to your home will only be as good as the product itself, so it’s important to seek out a reputable company that will create the perfect outbuilding that not only meets your needs, but can generate potential profit for you in the future.

When built to the highest standards using superior materials, a good quality garden room should last for years to come and enhance your existing property. That’s why at Pegasus Garden Rooms, we pride ourselves on creating the highest quality garden rooms, built to your exact specifications. Our portfolio of garden room projects speaks for itself.

Our bespoke garden offices are designed with comfort and quality in mind. We have a range of designs to suit all individual needs and can work with you to design the building of your dreams. We offer our services throughout the North West across Manchester, Liverpool, Lancashire, Cheshire and all surrounding areas. Not sure if you’re located too far out of reach? Get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate you.