At Pegasus Garden Rooms we provide an exceptional and wide range of both interior and exterior finishes to make your outbuilding truly unique.


External Cladding

The manufactured cladding colour you choose for the external walls will have, perhaps, the biggest impact on the appearance and durability of your garden room.

We have an extensive range of external cladding colour options available for all of our garden rooms and can recommend the most suitable finish that will complement your existing outdoor decor.


30 year guarantee

Roof structure

The main roof structure of a Pegasus garden room design will be made from high-quality timber and strengthening steel, fully insulated and covered with a single piece of ‘Firestone’ EPDM.

Alternatively, if you would like a fully bespoke roof please don’t hesitate to ask and we’ll see what we can do.


Windows & Doors

Pegasus Garden Rooms prides itself on staying in touch with the highest quality materials on the market. our windows and doors come with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty and we use the best aluminium bifold doors that money can buy, these can be powder coated in any colour and your own choice of handle colour.



All Pegasus Garden Rooms sit on a sturdy, fully insulated flooring system which sits upon the building footings and an air circulation gap. From there, the internal floor covering is entirely your choice.


Underfloor heating, radiators, air-conditioning, bespoke lighting

Electrical Installations

No quality garden room is complete without light and power! Pegasus Garden Rooms works with teams of experts and professionals, allowing us to add whatever your heart desires.


Ground Footings

The unseen but most vital part of your new garden room! Pegasus Garden Rooms, along with its expert structural engineer, will always ensure you have the correct type of footings for your garden room.

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