Garden Studio

A garden studio is a self-contained structure, separate from your main home, which is dedicated to your work or hobby.

Additional space for work or play

Bespoke garden studios

Whether you’re looking for an artist’s studio at the bottom of the garden, a versatile space for photography, music or anything else, a garden studio from Pegasus could be the perfect solution for you.

Our complete studios are, essentially, blank canvasses for you to customise to your heart’s content. You can use these comfortable spaces as painting rooms, workshops, workspaces or more – the possibilities are endless!

Here at Pegasus, we can provide bespoke studio spaces, in addition to pre-designed structures that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for a space to escape to, relax in or work in, a garden studio is the perfect solution.

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What’s included in our

Luxury garden studios

Our well thought out garden spaces mean that whether you want an artist’s retreat, garden office or workspace for two – we have something perfect for your needs. From the Cube (2.4m x 2.4m) to the Border (8m x 3.5m), we can provide the perfect garden studio to suit your needs. That’s not to mention our industry-leading bespoke garden studio design services!

From as little as £8,999, you could enhance your home with a dedicated garden studio and workspace to help you take your passions to the next level.

Here at Pegasus Garden Rooms, we can provide a complete range of garden studios to suit your needs. Our bespoke design service means you’ll be able to create the perfect garden studio for your property, project and hobbies.

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What are the benefits of a garden studio?

There are many benefits to a bespoke garden studio from Pegasus, including their versatility, reliability, and comfort.

Garden studios can be customised to create a completely unique space for your work or hobby. Whether you’re a budding artist who needs your own space, or you need a customised, soundproofed space to hold recording equipment, a garden studio is the perfect option for you.

Thanks to their intelligent construction, using only the highest-quality materials, all Pegasus Garden Studios are completely reliable and will last for many, many years without any maintenance required at all.

Finally, garden studios are completely comfortable. All studios that we provide are insulated to ensure comfort 365 days a year, and their inbuilt soundproofing makes them relaxing and enjoyable spaces to work.

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