5m x 3m canopy room – blogging studio

With the world evolving each day, the days of working in large offices are quickly becoming a thing of the past. The outcome of this is a demand for a space at home to be able to work from. Maybe setting up at your dining room table or in your spare room is good for now, but is this where you want to spend most of your days? We’re guessing the answer to that is no.

For our customer Marukh this was just the case. Building a beautiful 5m × 3m office space situated in her Garden where she can focus in a comfortable space, fully separate from her home life was the life choice she had to make and now … she will never look back.

With fully insulated floors, walls and ceiling along with a professionally fitted mains-powered stylish electrical heater, this creates a fully functional space for use all year round. But you know us by now at Pegasus Garden Rooms, we do not just build a single-use space, we plan ahead with diversity in mind giving the customer a whole range of uses. Once Marukh glides open her high-grade Aluminium 3 metre bespoke bi-fold doors with ease, the whole room becomes a fantastic addition to the surrounding garden.

From hosting family & friends for a tasty BBQ to having professional business meetings in person, Marukh has it all at her fingertips thanks to the amazing job of the Pegasus team.