bespoke garden room – salon

Here we have created a luxury salon for our client Sara. Sara was spending an awful lot of money running her salon from her commercial property and with rising costs of travel, rent and bills. She made the executive decision to bring her salon to her home and hasn’t looked back since.

Raising the price of her property, reducing her monthly outgoings and improving her way of life – the list of the benefits of this project is seemingly endless.

Sara had an unused area in the back of her garden that was unloved for some many years and was hard to bring to life given the complex angle that her garden finished on. With careful planning and design, Pegasus was able to make maximum use of this area by mirroring the angles of the garden and the results were incredible.

Finished with natural wooden decking steps leading up to the garden and dark oak herringbone flooring, we managed to maintain the perfect balance between modern and chic in this brand new nail salon.

Pegasus also took 30 square metres of old decking up from the garden and replaced it with new framing and decking boards all around.