Pegasus' Canopy structures are the perfect way of creating your dream home-working office or hobby space. These comfortable, spacious structures can fit comfortably in almost any garden.

Luxury canopy garden rooms

Whether the additional space you seek is to provide you with a home/working space/sewing room or a tranquil setting to practise yoga, the choice is yours. At Pegasus, we are proud to use only the highest-quality materials, with a focus on customer satisfaction and luxury.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to create your dream office space in your home, the Canopy is a great solution. Our Canopy buildings are the perfect blend of compact sizing and spacious design to create a versatile, customisable space in your garden.

The Canopy is a fully-insulated structure which makes use of natural light to create a stunning, comfortable environment for home-working, exercise and hobbies of all kinds.

At Pegasus Garden Rooms, we’re proud to offer a completely versatile construction service, helping you to create the right space to suit your needs. With our Canopy structure, you’ll be able to design your building – your way.

Canopy Specifications

  • 6m X 3m
  • Fully Insulated
  • Maintenance Free Resin Exterior
  • 5m / 4 Pane Bifold Doors
  • One Piece Rubber Roof
  • Fully Installed In 4-5 Days

Comfort Electric Package

  • 6 Fire Rated Led Spotlights
  • 2 Up/Down External
  • 5 External Spotlights
  • 4 Double Sockets
  • 1 Triple Light Switch
  • 1 Consumer Unit

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